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The third meeting was run as a 3-day pre-conference workshop (January 16-18 2006, Salcedo, Ecuador) associated with Cities on Volcanoes 4 in Quito, Ecuador.

Main aim:  Field measurements for the characterization of tephra deposits: the distribution of the largest clasts.

During the first day of the meeting the participants shared experiences and limits of the various techniques used for the determination of the maximum clast. During the second day the 32 participants (divided into 5 groups) worked directly on two outcrops to assess the variability of measurements due to the application of different techniques and to the individual measurements. Data were partially processed during the meeting and discussed with the whole group. Final results were presented and discussed at IAVCEI 2008 General Assembly (Iceland). A detail report  and a paper* that includes the main findings were finally written. 

* Costanza Bonadonna, Raffaello Cioni, Marco Pistolesi, Chuck Connor, Simona Scollo, Laura Pioli, Mauro Rosi (2013), Determination of the largest clast sizes of tephra deposits for the characterization of explosive volcanic eruptions: a study of the IAVCEI commission on tephra hazard modelling, Bullettin of volcanology, 75:680.


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