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If you want to be added or removed from this mailing list, please contact Costanza Bonadonna or Simona Scollo.

Amigo Alvaro, Sernageomin (CHILE) mail to Alvaro
Andronico Daniele, INGV sezione di Catania (ITALY) mail to Daniele
Barsotti Sara, Universita' di Pisa (ITALY) mail to Sara
Burden Rose, Bristol University (U.K.) mail to Jim
Beget Jim, University of Alaska and AVO (USA) mail to Jim
Bonadonna Costanza, University of Geneva (SWITZERLAND) mail to Costanza
Browne Brandon L., California State University (USA) mail to Brandon
Bursik Marcus, SUNY Buffalo (USA) mail to Marcus
Carey Rebecca, Univ. of California (USA) mail to Rebecca
Carey Steve, University of Rhode Island (USA) mail to Steve
Cashman Kathy, Oregon State University (USA) mail to Khaty
Charbonnier Sylvain, USF (USA) mail to Raffaello
Cioni Raffaello, Univ. Cagliari (ITALY) mail to Raffaello
Coltelli Mauro, INGV sezione di Catania (ITALY) mail to Mauro
Connor Chuck, University of South Florida (USA) mail to Chuck
Connor Laura, University of South Florida (USA) mail to Laura
Corradini Stefano, INGV-CNT of Rome (ITALY) mail to Stefano
Costa Antonio, Osservatorio Vesuviano (ITALY) mail to Antonio
Costantini Licia, University of Geneva (SWITZERLAND) mail to Licia
Courtland Leah, USF (USA) mail to Licia
Dean Ken, Alaska Volcano Observatory (USA)  mail to Ken
Del Carlo Paola, INGV sezione di Pisa (ITALY) mail to Paola
Delgado Hugo, Institute of Geophysics (MEXICO) mail to Hugo
Durant Adam, University of Cambridge (UK) mail to Adam

Ernst Gerald, Ghent University (BELGIUM)

mail to Ernst
Ewert John, USGS-CVO (USA) mail to John
Favalli Massimiliano, INGV of Pisa (ITALY) mail to Massi
Fernandez-Turiel Jose-Luis, Institute of Earth Sciences J. Almera, ICTJA-CSIC  (SPAIN) mail to Jose-Luis
Ferrés Dolors, Instituto Geofisica, UNAM (MEXICO) mail to Dolors
Folch Arnau, Barcelona Supercomputer Center (SPAIN) mail to Arnau
Gardner Cinthia, USGS (USA) mail to Cinthia
Geist Dennis, University of Idaho (USA) mail to Dennis
Gilbert Jennie, Lancaster University mail to Jennie
Graf Hans, Univ. of Cambridge (UK) mail to Hans
Graham Leonard, G.Leonard@gns.cri.nz (NZ) mail to Leonard
Guffanti Marianne, USGS (USA) mail to Marianne

Gurioli Lucia, Université Blaise Pascal (FRANCE)

mail to Lucia
Hall Minard, Instituto Geofísico (ECUADOR) mail to Minard
Herzog Michael, University of Cambridge (UK) mail to Michael

Hill Brittain,  U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USA)

mail to Britt
Hincks Thea, University of Bristol (UK) mail to Thea
Hort Matthias, University of Hamburg (GERMANY) mail to Matthias
Horwell Claire, University of Durham (UK) mail to Claire
Houghton Bruce, University of Hawaii (USA) mail to Bruce
Hurst Tony, Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences (NZ) mail to Tony
James Mike, Environmental Science, University of Lancaster (UK) mail to Mike
Jenkins Susanna, Cambridge Architectural Research (UK) mail to Susanna
Johnston Emma, University of Bristol (UK) mail to Emma
Kandlbauer Jessica, University of Bristol (UK) mail to Helen
Kinvig Helen, University of Bristol (UK) mail to Helen
Kobs Shannon, SUNY Buffalo (USA) mail to Shannon
Koyaguchi Takehiro, University of Tokio (JAPAN) mail to Tak
Lacasse Christian, MANNVIT (Iceland) mail to Christian
Landi Patrizia, INGV sezione di Pisa (ITALY) mail to Patrizia
Langmann Baerbel ,University of Hamburg (GERMANY) mail to Baerbel
Lautze Nicole, Univ. of Hawaii (USA) mail to Nicole
Macedonio Giovanni, Osservatorio Vesuviano (ITALY) mail to Giovanni
Magill Christina, Macquarie University (AUSTRALIA) mail to Christina
Mastin Larry, USGS (USA) mail  to Larry

Mayberry Gari, OFDA-USGS (USA)

mail to Gari
Melendez Christyanne, Northern Arizona University (USA) mail to Christyanne
McCoy Floyd W., University of Hawaii (USA) mail to Floyd
Mothes Patricia, Instituto Geofísico (ECUADOR) mail to Patricia
Neri Augusto, INGV sezione di Pisa (ITALY) mail to Augusto
Ongaro Tommaso, INGV sezione di Pisa (ITALY) mail to Tommaso
Orsi Giovanni, INGV sezione di Napoli (ITALY) mail to Giovanni
Peterson Rorik, Mechanical Engineering, Univ. Alaska, Fairbanks, (USA) mail to Rorik
Pioli Laura, Univ. of Geneva (SWITZERLAND) mail to Laura
Pistolesi Marco, Univ. Pisa (ITALY) mail to Marco
Prestifilippo Michele, INGV sezione di Catania (ITALY) mail to Michele
Principe Claudia, CNR Pisa (ITALY)  mail to Claudia
Pyle David, University of Oxford (UK) mail to David
Robertson Richie, Seismic Research Unit (WEST INDIES) mail to Richie
Rose Bill, Michigan Tech (USA) mail to Bill
Rosi Mauro, Univ. Pisa (ITALY) mail to Mauro
Rovere Elizabeth, SEGEMAR, (ARGENTINA) mail to Elizabeth
Salani Flavia, Universidad de Buenos Aires (ARGENTINA) mail to Flavia
Sarna-Wojcicki Andrei, USGS (USA)   mail to Andrei
Scollo Simona, INGV sezione di Catania (ITALY)  mail to Simona
Servranckx Rene, Canadian Meteorological Centre (CANADA) mail to Rene
Song Sheng-Rong, National Taiwan University (CHINA) mail to Sheng-Rong
Sparks Steve, University of Bristol (UK) mail to Steve
Spata Gaetano, INGV sezione di Catania (ITALY) mail to Gaetano
Stunder Barbara, NOAA (USA) mail to Barbara

Sulpizio Roberto, University of Bary (ITALY)

mail to Roberto

Sverrisdottir Gudrun, University of Iceland (ICELAND)

mail to Gudrun
Swanson Don, USGS-HVO (USA) mail to Don
Takarada Shinji, Geological Survey of Japan (JAPAN) mail to Shinji
Toyos Guillermo, CONICET CONAE (ARGENTINA) mail to Guillermo
Van Eaton Alexa, U.S. Geological Survey (USA) mail to Alexa
Violante Roberto, Argentina Hydrographic Survey (ARGENTINA) mail to Roberto
Volentik Alain, University of South Florida (USA) mail to Alain
Wallace Kristi, USGS/Alaska Volcano Observatory (USA) mail to Kristi
Wilson Thomas, University of Canterbury (NZ) mail to Thomas
Wright Heather, USGS (USA) mail to Heather


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