Volcano Observatory Notices for Aviation (VONA)

Volcano Observatory Notices for Aviation (VONA) are succinct, plain-English messages aimed at dispatchers, pilots, and air-traffic controllers to inform them of volcanic unrest and eruptive activity that could produce ash-cloud hazards.

Using volcanic cloud height data for publication is only allowed if the following papers are cited:
ETNA2022-06-17 16:04:41Aviation Color Code: GREENDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-06-16 12:56:24Aviation Color Code: YELLOWDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-06-03 15:56:59Aviation Color Code: ORANGEDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-06-03 09:50:24Aviation Color Code: REDDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-06-03 05:49:00Aviation Color Code: ORANGEDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-06-03 04:29:38Aviation Color Code: REDDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-06-02 15:32:01Aviation Color Code: ORANGEDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-06-01 17:46:21Aviation Color Code: REDDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-05-23 04:40:29Aviation Color Code: ORANGEDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-05-22 18:07:23Aviation Color Code: REDDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-05-12 18:47:18Aviation Color Code: ORANGEDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-05-12 17:31:53Aviation Color Code: YELLOWDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-04-05 14:57:42Aviation Color Code: GREENDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-03-29 18:07:55Aviation Color Code: YELLOWDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-03-22 17:00:06Aviation Color Code: YELLOWDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-03-15 20:07:14Aviation Color Code: YELLOWDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-03-08 15:14:00Aviation Color Code: YELLOWDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-03-01 16:23:33Aviation Color Code: YELLOWDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-02-23 18:20:22Aviation Color Code: YELLOWDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-02-22 17:49:57Aviation Color Code: YELLOWDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-02-21 17:11:23Aviation Color Code: ORANGEDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-02-21 11:27:09Aviation Color Code: REDDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-02-21 11:15:44Aviation Color Code: REDDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-02-21 10:50:58Aviation Color Code: ORANGEDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-02-15 17:23:42Aviation Color Code: YELLOWDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-02-11 09:10:58Aviation Color Code: ORANGEDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-02-10 23:24:53Aviation Color Code: REDDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-02-10 21:07:02Aviation Color Code: REDDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-02-10 18:59:29Aviation Color Code: REDDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-02-10 04:16:03Aviation Color Code: ORANGEDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-02-08 16:53:42Aviation Color Code: YELLOWDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-02-04 12:06:13Aviation Color Code: YELLOWDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-02-01 16:05:11Aviation Color Code: ORANGEDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-01-30 04:22:24Aviation Color Code: ORANGEDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-01-26 18:46:22Aviation Color Code: YELLOWDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-01-11 17:31:38Aviation Color Code: YELLOWDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2022-01-04 16:36:44Aviation Color Code: YELLOWDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2021-12-28 17:00:57Aviation Color Code: YELLOWDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2021-12-21 18:22:02Aviation Color Code: YELLOWDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2021-12-15 05:46:42Aviation Color Code: ORANGEDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2021-12-14 11:54:45Aviation Color Code: REDDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2021-12-08 09:28:26Aviation Color Code: ORANGEDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2021-12-06 10:51:43Aviation Color Code: ORANGEDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2021-12-04 16:36:01Aviation Color Code: ORANGEDOWNLOAD PDF
ETNA2021-12-04 08:38:38Aviation Color Code: ORANGEDOWNLOAD PDF