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Current Research Interest

My research activity is focused on volcanic hazard, with particular emphasis on physics-based models for geophysical flows, spatial-temporal analysis of volcanic systems to constrain eruption probabilities, mathematical models for eruption susceptibility, volcanic hazard and risk assessment. I have also conducted the sensitivity analysis of the MAGFLOW model developed at the INGV-CT to evaluate the influence that uncertainties and errors in the input parameters have on the output results of the model, and made contributions to the development of the Web-GIS LAV@HAZARD (available at ctmgweb.ct.ingv.it, password protected), representing the first effort to link GIS with satellite applications (time-space evolution of hot spots, radiant flux, effusion rate, etc.) and physical modeling (MAGFLOW on CUDA architecture). 


Selected Publications 

Vicari, A., Ganci, G., Behncke, B., Cappello, A., Neri, M., Del Negro, C. (2011). Near-real-time forecasting of lava flow hazards during the 12–13 January 2011 Etna eruption, Geophys. Res. Lett., 38, L13317, doi: 10.1029/2011GL047545.

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