The Etna Observatory (Catania Section) is subdivided into five "Functional Units" (Unità Funzionali; UF), one Project Unit (Unità di Progetto; UP) coordinated by the responsible of the UF Volcanology and Geochemistry, Administrative Services and General Services.

For the surveillance activities, the UFs guarantee a regular flow of their respective data to the Control Room (Sala Operativa), the archiviation of data in the unified data bank, and participate in the development of methodologies and procedures aimed at optimizing real-time automatic and manual offline analysis. The staff of the Functional Units and of the General Services take part in 24/7 surveillance shifts in the Control Room, and regular technical-scientific on-duty service. Together with the Control Room, the UFs offer periodic courses to the staff doing the 24/7 shifts, to update them about the control procedures and the technique of monitoring data pre-elaboration. The UFs participate in, and contribute to, the achievement of the objectives fixed in the Three-Year-Plan of the INGV via the reference TTCs and OSs.
Director: Dr Domenico Patanè
Responsible General Services ad interim the Director
Responsible Administrative Services: Dr Alberto Rappa
Responsible UF Volcanology and Geochemistry: Dr Mauro Coltelli
Responsible UF Seismology: Dr Raffaele Azzaro
Responsible UF Deformation and Geodesy: Dr Giuseppe Puglisi
Responsible UF Gravimetry and Magnetism: Dr Ciro Del Negro
Responsible UF Control Room: Dr Ing. Danilo Reitano
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