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Istituto Nazionale di
Geofisica e Vulcanologia
Sezione di Catania
Piazza Roma, 2
95125 Catania (Italia)
Tel. +39 095 7165800
Fax +39 095 435801


Mappa indirizzo


The seat of the INGV-Catania can be reached with public transport means (Azienda Municipale Trasporti - Catania; AMT) as follows.

  • If you arrive by train:
    at the Central train station, take the bus numbers 443 (direction Monte Po) or 4-7 (direction Cibali) and ask the bus driver for the stop closest to Piazza Roma. Alternatively, take the Metro (Circumetnea) and get off at the station Catania Borgo; from here it is a 10-minutes walk to the INGV-Catania, following Via Etnea downhill to Piazza Cavour (also known as Piazza Borgo) and there moving to the parallel road Antonino Longo in the direction of Piazza Roma
  • If you arrive by airplane:
    at the airport, take bus number 457 (also called Alibus) and get off at the stop in Piazza Stesicoro, then pursue with bus number 4-7.
  • If you arrive by ship:
    exit the port and go to the nearby Piazza Borsellino (also known by its former name Piazza Alcalà), then take bus number 2-5 (direction Piazzale Sanzio), and get off in Via Etnea just after crossing Viale Regina Margherita. The seat of the INGV-Catania is less than 100 m away from that bus stop.

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Useful information about the public transport means

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