Etna and Stromboli update, 18 April 2013

On the evening of 16 April 2013, mild explosive activity resumed at Etna's New Southeast Crater, with ash emissions and small Strombolian explosions. This activity continued, with minor fluctuations until the early morning of 18 April, when the intensity and frequency of the explosions started to increase, culminating in the 11th paroxysmal eruptive episode of the year 2013 on the early afternoon. This event produced lava fountains, a lava flow directed into the Valle del Bove, and a column of ash and lapilli that expanded south-southwestward. The phase of lava fountaining was followed by a long series of powerful explosions, with detonations audible as far as Catania; this activity essentially ceased in the late afternoon. Read more

At Stromboli, a new episode of spattering and low lava fountaining started on the afternoon of 17 April 2013 at the small cone sitting on the northwestern rim of the crater terrace, producing a well-fed lava overflow onto the northwestern portion of the Sciara del Fuoco. Differently from earlier communications, the lava flow has not reached the shore at the base of the Sciara del Fuoco, but the active lava flow front currently are at about 500 m elevation. As of 07:30 GMT on 18 April 2013, the activity is continuing without significant variations.

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