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“S.O.S.: Seismic and Other Signals”WG logo

Modern volcano monitoring aims at a comprehensive understanding of volcanological phenomena and multidisciplinarity has become a common approach. Although being a seismology working group, we welcome contributions which concern seismic and other data as well.

Authors interested in attending the workshop are kindly requested to register themselves in the list of Participants, and send a mail to the Organizing Committee, indicating a working title of their presentation/s.

The web site for abstract submission will be open starting from June 1, 2011.The abstracts will be collected in an on-line volume.

Abstracts containing title, name/s of author/s of the papers and institutions should be submitted only via web. The deadline for this submission is August 15, 2011. The abstract should have a maximum length of two pages, including one figure if necessary. At the end of the submission, a pdf file will be automatically formed for you to check. Please note that there will be no poster session. Therefore, the presentations will be organized in oral sessions only. The list of contents for each session will be published in this web page by September 10, 2011.


Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia Sezione di Catania - Ossevatorio ETNEO - Piazza Roma,2 Catania (Italia) - Tel. +39 095 7165800